Hello. I am Fenhl[1], also known as Max Dominik Weber. This is my website.

I am a creator and player of games[2], conlanger, mensan, programmer, agnostic, vegetarian, web designer and admin, hacker, pirate[3], and asexual. My pronouns are they/them.[4] I am currently studying computer science at Saarland University.

I am also on Gravatar, Mastodon, Twitter, and sometimes Facebook.

You can reach me via one of the above, or mail, IRC, phone, or Discord (Fenhl#4813).

For everything else, see the sitemap.

[1] Learn more about where my name comes from.

[2] Fun fact: the phrase “player of games” is a reference to the Minecraft End Poem. Some parts of the Minecraft community use it as a honorary title given to people who have defeated the Ender Dragon in SSP.

[3] I may no longer be a member of the German Pirate Party, but I still consider myself part of the pirate movement.

[4] In languages without suitable gender-neutral pronouns, I use the equivalent of he/him pronouns.