Hello. I am Fenhl[1], also known as Max Dominik Weber. This is my website.

I am a creator and player of games[2], conlanger, mensan, programmer, agnostic, vegetarian, web designer and admin, hacker, pirate[3], and asexual. My pronouns are he/him or they/them, use whichever you prefer. I am currently studying computer science at Saarland University.

I am also on Gravatar, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and sometimes Foursquare.

You can reach me via one of the above, or mail, IRC, phone, Jabber, or sometimes Skype.

For everything else, see the sitemap.

[1] Learn more about where my name comes from.

[2] Fun fact: the phrase “player of games” is a reference to the Minecraft End Poem. Some parts of the Minecraft community use it as a honorary title given to people who have defeated the Ender Dragon in SSP.

[3] I may no longer be a member of the German Pirate Party, but I still consider myself part of the pirate movement.